Top Reasons Your Small Business Should Consider Van Hire

Many small businesses should consider hiring a van when needed because it is one of the most cost-effective ways of moving stuff or people around when you do not have a full-time van at your disposal. There is a good selection of different sized modern vans always available from Van Hire agencies on the Gold Coast.

Some of the top reasons for considering this option are;

  • Renting a van when needed does not require you to invest a large amount of money on a van. This can be very important when your business is small and under-financed
  • On a rental, you do not need to worry about onroad costs such as registration and routine maintenance
  • You can be confident that you will have a nice modern, comfortable van to use, especially if you have a regular booking for a rental when needed
  • You can get a very good rate for long term van rentals and many places where you can make a van hire on the Gold Coast offer locals the ability to negotiate rates that suit their budget especially during off-peak times
  • There are no servicing costs with a van rental. You can just pay an agreed daily, weekly or monthly rental amount which includes insurance. This means you know in advance exactly how much it is costing you to have a van.
  • All you need to do is put fuel in it and drive it responsibly
  • If you no longer need the van you can just return it to the agency and when you need it again you can pick it or another one up
  • Rentals are 100 percent tax deductible as they are a business expense, not an asset, so you are using your tax dollars to your advantage
  • There is no worry about having a depreciating asset and having to pump money into something you wish you never purchased
  • People often judge a business by appearances and a shiny new van can impress customers so renting when needed is a great option

Make a sensible choice for you and your business. Unless you are using a van all the time to make money then it could just be a liability that you really do not need.

Once your business is making a good return you may consider purchasing a new van especially if your old van has seen better days and is starting to become unreliable and costing you money and not doing your image any good.

Instead of jumping in and buying a new van straight away, consider renting a few different models and sizes of the van. This way you can see what they are really like and get a feel for just what you want and need. There is nothing worse than always wishing you had brought the other van because it was just a bit bigger or maybe even smaller if you don’t need the jumbo version.

Being practical in small businesses is important to help you survive; the most critical thing is the cost factor. Do your sums and decide on what you can afford. A great option available from some Van Hire agencies on the Gold Coast is a rent to buy arrangement for long term rental customers.


Top 5 Accessories You Must Have For Your Queensland Holiday Tour

A fabulous Queensland holiday in a van from Gold Coast Van Hire is a great idea any time of the year, it is the perfect place to find outdoor adventures and get away from it all. The top five accessories that you must have to ensure a great holiday are:

Mosquito Repellant and Sun Screen

Queensland, especially at night time has lots of mosquitos that will want to pay you a visit. You can buy a commercial repellant that will keep all these little critters that want to bite and annoy away or make your own using apple cider vinegar, essential oils and coconut oil. This simple solution will help you enjoy a mosquito free Queensland all the time.

For those who are not used to the hot Queensland sun, a good quality sunscreen is essential to wear most of the time or until you build up a good Aussie/Queensland tan.

Becoming overexposed to the sun can result in a sunburn that can place a downer on your outdoor adventure as you try to avoid the sun for a few days.

Sunglasses and A Smart Hat

Queensland is known for its endless sunny days and this means that a good quality pair of sunglasses for your travels will be a fantastic barrier to stop the need for squinting and help you avoid the glare in the great outdoors.

Having a sensible hat that provides a good amount of shade to your face and neck area not only protects from the sun, but helps you feel refreshed and cool while you enjoy your outdoor adventures.

Swim Wear

There are many lovely beaches around the Queensland coast and having something appropriate to swim in is a great idea. Even when venturing inland there are many delightful streams, rivers and rock pools that are ideal for swimming, but take note of the signs and act accordingly to keep safe and comfortable.

Foot Wear

The ideal footwear for Queensland is a pair of running shoes and a pair of thongs, sometimes called flip flops.

If you are going to the beach you cannot beat thongs for being practical and comfortable. Running shoes are great for most places, but a good supporting pair of boots is best for tramping or foot traveling rough areas.


Nowdays everyone has a mobile phone that has at least one high tech camera so unless you are a perfectionist and a keen photographer you can take great photos using your mobile or smart phone. Queensland has an enticing array of landscape scenery with countless colours in the hinterland and coastal regions ideal for photography By using one of the optical zoom attachments that clip on to your smart phone or tablet, you can turn it into a high performance camera enabling you to capture those special moments as they happen, even in low light conditions.

Traveling around Queensland using a van from Gold Coast Van Hire is a great and economical way to see the many attractions. Being mindful of the sun, mosquitos and other animals that share this lovely area will ensure you have a great and exciting holiday.

Reasons that make van hiring a smart choice for commercial use

Many people running a business will at some stage need to consider getting a van. There are a few different options to consider. Buying a new van is of course the ideal option if you have the necessary financial backing and a full-time use for the van so it will earn income for your business and not be a liability. Buying a used van is an option but comes with inherent problems. As many businesses cannot justify spending money on equipment that is not going to be used all the time. Renting a van from Van hire services on The Gold Coast is a great option and very cost effective when you only need a van some of the time.

Some major reason why hiring a van is a smart choice

Overhead reduction

  • Instead of tying up your capital in equipment like a van that you only use occasionally, hiring a van when you need it frees up your cash
  • You can get a very good deal if you regularly hire a van from van hire services on The Gold Coast, especially if you can do it during their off peak times. The guys there will work out a deal that is super cost effective and hassle free
  • You have no maintenance issues, all maintenance is done by the rental company
  • You do not have to worry about depreciation of the asset
  • Insurance is an expensive overhead, but if you use your business credit card to pay the rental fees it will have an added complimentary comprehensive insurance coverage
  • There is no need to have special garaging as when the van is not in use, it will be back at the rental company
  • You do not have to worry about tyre wear and tear batteries or oil changes
  • There are no yearly registration fees or worries about roadworthiness
  • You can upgrade the model or size as required so you always have the right vehicle to match your needs

Easy and Simple

  • If you need the van for one or two days a week, just a few hours or spasmodically you can have a long standing rental agreement so that you can have a nice shinny clean and tidy van ready that suits your job whenever you need it
  • There is no down time, everything you spend is providing a positive return on your investment
  • Hiring is often a better option than renting or leasing as these require you to keep and pay for the van over a fixed period and there will be times when you are paying for it sitting and being unproductive.

If you are still not sure if hiring is the right option for you, talk with the friendly guys at Van hire services on the Gold Coast and see just what they have to offer. Then talk with your accountant or financial advisor. To help you make the best decision for your business and finances

Hiring a van for commercial jobs is a sound financial strategy for most businesses. In this way, you can use the cash assets of your company for production and promotion. When you consider all the cost of owning a van from the initial price maintenance and registration.

Advantages of Pickup Trucks

A pickup truck has many advantages over all other vehicles on the Australian market today. Commonly known as a Ute, the pickup truck is now the biggest selling vehicle around Australia. It is popular with contractors, farmers and families because it is so versatile. If you haven’t yet driven one, then try hiring one for the weekend from Ute Hire on The Gold Coast.

So what is the great appeal with Pickup trucks?

  • They are fun to drive

Pickup trucks come in a variety of configurations with the most popular being duel cab or four door styles. These are just as comfortable as street cars, but are much higher giving a better view of the road and conditions. Plus, they have off road capabilities as they boast a higher ground clearance and many are equipped with four wheel drive and diff-locks, allowing them to go many places such as soft sandy beaches, muddy roads and snowy conditions.

  • Practicality

Because of their trays that can be covered or open they have the ability to take large and bulky loads that just would not fit the standard van or car. They can easily take a full sized refrigerator or large plants, things that cannot be transported on their sides.

A pickup is easy and quick to load and unload, you can get a tray liner to protect the base so allowing you to transport rocks and other materials that you would not want in another vehicle.

A pickup is ideal for hauling your sports equipment, big boys toys and everything you could possibly require for a great weekend getaway off the beaten track.

Being designed for hauling stuff they are heavier and more durable than most vehicles. They have exceptional towing and pulling power so can easily haul your boat or caravan anywhere you want to go without compromising the quality or safety or your journey.

They are great in almost all weather conditions ice, snow, mud or storms because of the strong construction, large tires and off-road capabilities which allow them to get through some tough situations in safety and comfort.

  • You Can Earn From Them

When you have a pickup truck it opens up many opportunities for earning a bit of extra cash as there are always people who want a hand with moving all manner of things that need a versatile vehicle such as a pickup.

They are a great work truck easily being able to handle the toughest jobs for farmers, miners, contractors and landscapers, then when needed can also be used as a family car and not look out of place in the city or dropping the kids at school.

Ute Hire agencies on the Gold Coast have a variety of pickup trucks you can hire to see for yourself just how driveable and useful they can be. Test one and get your partner to have a drive as well, but be warned she may want her own.

Today’s pickup trucks are now so popular and affordable that every family wants one. They can be used for many different activities from towing the boat, to taking all the kids’ teams gear to the sports events. Off-roading with the boys, then used for your business during the week.

Quick Guide For Hiring A Truck

Renting a truck for the first time can be a little stressful, so this quick guide will help you to pick the best truck rental service on The Gold Coast, take the hassle away from finding the right vehicle for your job at the right price while providing the best possible customer service.

Selecting the right truck or van for your job

The most important thing is to match the truck to your load you. Start by measuring the dimensions of your cargo and get an idea of the weight. Do you have super heavy objects like the family piano or large, heavy, chunky solid furniture? What about king sized or four poster beds and large wardrobes? Can you dismantle them or do they need to be transported made up.

Having a truck that will comfortably accommodate your load means you only need one trip and you are not paying for the extra space you will not use


This is a major consideration in any vehicle rental. Do you require the truck to be delivered to your job site and then picked up after or will you pick it up from the company’s depot and return it afterward. If moving long distances it can be more cost effective to get a one way rental.

If you are flying into a place and then have to take a taxi to pick up the truck it could cost much more than having them leave the truck at the airport for you.

Age and driving restrictions

The friendly local truck rental services on The Gold Coast offer a hassle free experience and are experts at giving their customers the right vehicle for the job at the right price. Talk with them about the best deals, off peak rates and take advantage of their easy options.


Almost all truck rental services on the Gold Coast require you to use a major credit card for your rental payments, although some will accept a debit card if you give an appropriate deposit, but expect some restrictions if wishing to pay this way.

Insurance and protection

All rental agreements include basic insurance coverage and there are a variety of different policy’s available from the rental companies if you require them. Most credit cards have a built-in comprehensive vehicle insurance cover and many home insurance as well as private car insurance policy’s include cover for vehicle rentals, but check them carefully first

Moving accessories and supplies

There are a variety of different straps, pads, moving blankets, hand carts and hand trolleys available. Consider if you will need a hydraulic lifter or a ramp, Hiab-crane or other devices to help make your move easier and safer.

Will you need extra space, maybe you will need a roof rack or want to tow a trailer; the guys at truck rental services on the Gold Coast will advise you on the different options.

The friendly local truck rental services on The Gold Coast offer a hassle free experience and are experts at giving their customers the right vehicle for the job at the right price. Talk with them about the best deals, off peak rates and take advantage of their easy options.

5 Mistakes To Watch Out When Hiring A Van

Whether you are moving people or your household, van hire services on The Gold Coast can provide you with the van you need, but there are some easy to make mistakes that can prove expensive. For personal use, most people like to stretch the dollar as far as possible.

Consider these tips to avoid rental mistakes

  1. Avoid making rental arrangements at the airport

The airport is usually the most expensive place to arrange for your rental van bookings because of the high cost of business space at airports and the associated taxes, all of which you have to pay for. A quick google check will show the different costs at other locations for the same service.

  1. Check rice, Rental structures

Often the daily and weekly rates can be quite different, longer you keep the van the cheaper the daily rate will be. An example is a daily rate may be $62 but if you take a week’s contract for 5 days the rate may drop to $28 per day so that it works out cheaper to rent for 5 days rather than 3 days.

Fuel is another area that can be a trap, usually, the tank is full and you have to bring it back full or you are charged the difference. Other companies will give you a half full tank and ask you to return it at the same level. This is a trap as it is very hard to estimate correctly and the rental company will usually benefit. So check and understand the different options before signing the contract.

  1. Give yourself Plenty of time

Some rental companies are very strict on return times and will charge you if you are late, so plan on getting there early. They can demand another day rental if your 30 minutes late

  1. Overpriced Insurance

It always pays to check your insurance policies and see if they include rental vehicles, many credit cards, comprehensive household and private car policies also give rental cover, but check the conditions and take proof with you to the rental company.

Often rental companies will try and sell you their extra cover for safety and peace of mind. These are often very expensive and can almost double your expenses so be sure you need them.

Often the basic cover does not include medical expenses or liability for other so check carefully.

  1. Assuming you get what you want

Especially in smaller centers and airports you may not get exactly what you want and will have to accept other options or have to wait until your van is ready. The guys at van hire services on The Gold Coast go out of their way to make sure you get what you require without any fuss.

Always do a pre-rental inspection and notice things like scratches, body dents, stained or damaged upholstery, cracks in lights, mirrors and windows as if you don’t you could be charged for them.

Common sense and planning can help you save a lot of money hen renting a van. Try and rent away from busy centers and airports and consider the best size of van to suit the job you have in mind and use your own existing insurance policies.

Things to Consider While Searching For Discounts on Your Vehicle Hire

Once you have decided to take a rental from one of the companies that offer van hire services on The Gold Coast, it’s time to try and get the best discounted price possible.

Consider these things to help to find the right Price

  • Off Peak Rental Times

If you can be flexible in the times you want to rent the van you can generally find a well discounted price. Often the weekend and long public holidays are not the best times as that I when the demand is highest. Often rental companies will give a good discount for overnight rentals if you can do the job then. You pick up the van just before the company closes and return it early the next morning as they open

  • Discount Travel Ticket Sellers

Most companies that specialise in finding cheap airfares offers as a sideline, cheap van rentals, some offer 35 to 70% off the standard rate if you buy through them, usually online using your credit card.

  • Book Early

By making a hire booking your well in advance of the date you will be needing the van means that you can often negotiate a bargain price, especially if you’re planning your rental at an off peak time. Most hire companies will even allow you to change the dates if you give plenty of advance notice. Not only will this give you a substantial discount, but you can be sure the van you require will be available and you do not have to make do with something that is not ideal for your needs.

If you find a better deal, you always have the option of canceling your booking without incurring any charges within 24 hours of the hire date, so you cannot lose.

  • Local Van Hire Firms

Large national and multinational fire companies can be very set in their requirements and pricing structures, so securing a good bargain from them can often be very difficult.

If you talk with the friendly guys at some of the locally owned and operated Van hire service on The Gold Coast you will find their companies are high on customer services and will go out of their way to ensure that your hire experience with them is enjoyable and hassle free. They are able to negotiate a rental deal that is tailored to requirements.

Most local van hire services on The Gold Coast have streamlined their hire process that is easy to understand and fill out. They offer the standard lowest priced insurance and recognise that most people also have additional insurance cover via their credit cards, life and home policies.

You can also negotiate a good deal on extras like child seat restraints, roof racks, pick up and drop off arrangements’

  • Model of Choice

Most companies offer new or near new vehicles, but sometimes hiring an older vehicle to do a moving job would suit you better at a discounted price.

Making an early booking, especially at a local Van hire service on The Gold Coast where you can negotiate a good discounted deal for the vehicle you require is often best. If you are out of town, then look for rental discounts offered from companies that sell airline travel tickets.