A Guide To Van Hire Rental Advice And Tips On The Gold Coast

Making a van hire on The Gold Coast has never been easier with great local family owned and operated rental companies who are waiting to provide you with the best quality vans and customer service possible. They have suitable vans for moving that load whether it’s rubbish from the backyard or you’re moving house. It is usually more cost effective and saves lots of time to hire a van rather than making your move in families and friends cars.

Some great tips to ensure your hire is successful and stress free:

  • Consider just what you need to move, most people have lots of stuff that they have accumulated over the years. This is a great time to get rid of the stuff you don’t need, sell, send it to the recycle center or give to friends.
  • Once you know what you’ll be moving you can work out the size of van you need.
  • Now you how big your load is, you can start to consider the time it will take for your move. Can you do it in a few hours, will it take a whole day or weekend?
  • It really pays to make as booking early so contact your local Van Hire Company on the Gold Coast and either check their webpage or visit them at their depot.
  • Ask them about their rate charges often they have special prices for weekends and 3 day weekends.
  • Check the hire conditions and take a look at the safety features of their vans. See what extras they can provide like hydraulic lifts and trolleys which can make your moving job easier.
  • Take a look at the insurance they offer, this is often included in the rental charge. Often credit card companies offer a free insurance cover if you pay with your card so you are already covered for any accidents or damage.
  • See about roadside assistance some rental companies offer this as standard with their van hire.
  • When hiring any vehicle always check it thoroughly inside and out for any damage such as scratches or dents. If you find any, make sure you take a photo of it and get your van hire company to mark it on the hire agreement. Otherwise, you could be blamed and charged for it.
  • Be aware that driving a modern van is similar to driving a car, but you have to take into account the extra size both in width and height. A van also has larger blind spots than a car so extra care needs to be taken for vehicles behind you especially motorbikes that are hard to see.
  • It is important to understand because of the extra weight when loaded a van requires a longer distance to stop. So you should drive more slowly that you would in your car, especially at night or on unfamiliar routes.

Common Van Hiring Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Many people when hiring a van on The Gold Coast often do not put enough thought into it so can become disappointed with the outcome. Depending on the type of move you want to make, the distance you’re moving, the amount of time you have to make your move and the budget you have to work with, a well-planned van hire on the Gold Coast can be an enjoyable and cost effective decision.

van hire

A few points to consider so that you avoid some common mistakes:

  • When moving your home or office, try and start the preparations as soon as you have made the decision to move and have a destination. Do not put it off until the last minute as most busy people find that it’s surprising how quickly time races by and before you know it your moving day will be upon you.
  • Sort out how much stuff you have to move, this is a good time to get rid of thing you no longer require or want anymore. Maybe place the things you want to keep with you in one area and set the things you don’t want in another area when you can sell, give to friends or relatives or take to the recycling center.
  • Now that you have determined the size of your load it becomes easier to find a van hire on Gold Cost that will be ideal for your purposes.
  • Work out the route you will use when you drive so you are familiar with how to get there and any obstacles such as one-way streets steep hills or sharp corners. Check to see if there are any sports or cultural events in the area that could be problematic on the day of your move.
  • Several weeks before you plan on hiring a van, get a few quotes from different van hire places so you can compare the different options they have
  1. Ask the Hire companies about their rates for the time you require the van, making sure you give yourself plenty of time to load, drive to the destination, unload and then have a good break before returning the van to the company
  2. Find out about a ½ day, full day, 24 hour and weekend rates, sometimes you may get a good deal for a 3 day weekend. Check the insurance cover the offer, usually, this is covered in the hire rate but it can be a good idea to ask for extra insurance
  3. Find out about penalties rates for returning the van late in case of unforeseen circumstances
  4. Most hire companies have new or near new vans for hire, but some can give you an older model at a reduced rate if you are on a tight budget
  5. Find out if they have a drop-off and a pick-up service and what if any extra charges

Secret Ways To Reduce Van Hire Cost On The Gold Coast

Whether you are new to getting a van hire on The Gold Coast or an experienced vehicle renter there are a few tricks that some companies get up to, so here are a few secret ways to reduce the hire costs and save you some money: van hire

  • If you are not picking and expecting to drop your hire van back at the company deport ask for the detail of any extra charges that may be charged. When you consider the cost of taking a taxi and the time messing around to pick up the van you may find it is very cost effective to have them drop it off to you just when you need it.
  • It is always totally necessary to read all the fine print on every part of the rental agreement and if you feel you do not understand any parts or are not happy with anything you find there, ask them to explain in detail. Do not accept them saying that does not apply or matter if you sign then it is binding. Make sure you know all the terms and conditions so you will not get unexpected charges.
  • Before you sign the agreement have a reasonable idea of the distances you will travel and find out about the charges for excess mileage or if they have an unlimited Kilometer option. Do the math and see the difference, but remember the kilometers of returning the van.
  • As soon as you know when you will need a van hire on the Gold Coast make an early booking to avoid missing the best deal and having to pay extra.
  • Sometimes the 7 day and over rate is less than the daily rate so it is worth checking if you need the Van for 5 or 6 days then you may be best using the longer term rental.
  • Be sure to check the times and dates for the rental pick up and drop off as some companies charge in 24 hour blocks and if you are an hour late you could be faced with extra charges, even having to pay an extra day rental.
  • Always check the van for both external and internal damage before you leave the depot and if you find any use your cell phone to take photos of it and have it recorded on the rental agreement. Make sure you have the name of the company agent who assists you written on the agreement too.
  • Many Rental companies pressure you into their insurance, but many people already have comprehensive insurance on existing policies so that those policies with you and remember that it is normal for Rental companies to demand you use a credit card to pay as these give them the ability to make extra charges if needed. Many credit cards now offer rental insurance protection so understand all your options, you may be covered already.

Basic Tips To Maintain Your Pickup Truck

The good old Aussie Ute or pickup truck really takes the knocks and for many, including farmers and contractors having a well running reliable “Tilly” is not only a sense of pride, but an essential part of their livelihood. Even main-street farmers who live in the cities and never get their muscle truck off the tar seal, having a good maintenance program is essential to keeping it in pristine condition.

ute hire

These simple steps can help you save big bucks on repairs as well as retaining a high resale value for your pickup.

  • Keeping your pickup clean and tidy to retain the aesthetic value as well as preventing the buildup of grit and dust that can wear at moving parts and attract moisture promoting rusting. There is a huge range of cleaning products available to help protect both the interior and exterior of your pickup.
  • Keep the tyres in good shape, they are your feet on the ground and having the correct pressure gives you the best ride and economy. Rotate and balance the tyres so they wear evenly and ensure the wheels alignment is correct as this can lead to excessive tyre wear.
  • Change the oil and oil filters at the recommended schedules, this is one of the most important and least expensive measures you can take to ensure your engine lasts the distance. Consider using a high quality high performance synthetic oil these last much longer and are actually cheaper in the long run.
  • Just like us your truck needs to breathe so replace the air cleaner at regular intervals (more so in dusty conditions). This will improve acceleration and fuel consumption.
  • Change all the fluids in your truck including the brake fluid regularly as it can absorb moisture causing corrosion in brake cylinders and other parts. The cooling system must have a good coolant that stops electrolysis, the electrical breakdown of metal parts due to electrical currents. This especially affects alloy and copper parts when they are linked to steel areas of the motor through the radiator water.Other fluids that need to be regularly changed are transmission fluids and do not forget to check the power steering reservoir. Check that the battery and alternator are working correctly and that all the wire connections are in good repair.
  • All rubber hoses including the radiator and brake line flexible hoses need to be checked regularly, they are prone to damage in the rugged Australian climate.
  • Read your owner’s manual and be informed about all aspects of what for most people is their second most valuable passion after their home. It is good to do much of the stuff yourself, but some things are best left to a competent and trustworthy mechanic such as brakes, steering and suspension.
  • A visual inspection of springs, shocks, struts and linkages can help to give you an early warning of likely maintenance issues that could arise.
  • Be aware that you usually get what you pay for and if you go for cheap replacement parts you cannot expect them to last and possibly they will cost you more in the long term because when they break down the can cause more damage.
  • Many new pickup trucks are not so easy to work on under the bonnet, but if you can change the spark plugs using long life plugs can help with performance and fuel efficiency. Many Ute rental agencies suggest that unless you really know what you are doing tune-ups of modern vehicles are best left to competent mechanics with well-equipped electronic workshops.
  • Check your fuses, they are usually in an easy to find place, under the hood or dashboard, this will be in your owners handbook. A blown fuse is the most likely cause of electrical stuff not working.
  • Check all your lights, the headlights, high and low beam, spotlights, indicators, brake lights reversing and parking lights. If they are not working properly. it is a potential safety issue and could lead to a traffic infringement notice.

Driving your truck

  • Warm up the truck, the best way is to just turn your engine on and wait about 30 to 60 seconds before driving away, but take it easy until the engine has warmed to normal. This helps it to reach normal operating temperatures quickly so minimizing wear and tear.
  • Being a smooth operator puts less strain on your truck, try and avoid hard acceleration and breaking as this helps it to suck the fuel and promotes wear and tare. Only change from forward to reverse when stopped so you do not place undue force on the transmission and drive shaft.

If you take proper care of your pickup it will last the long distance most people drive in Australia. By following these and the manufacturers recommendations you will be able to enjoy years of trouble free economical motoring while your truck maintains its full resale value.

Top Ten Tips For Your Next Move

Planning a home or office move can be very stressful as you are moving so the following ten tips are designed to help you plan and execute your move in the least stressful and most comfortable way.

1. Make a Moving Schedule – Once you know when it’s time to make a list of all the things you need to do, up until you arrive in your new place. It is surprising how busy the last days up to moving day will be.

2. Consider whether to move yourself or hire a moving company. This really depends on how busy you are, the stuff you have and where you will be moving to. Do you have someone to help you with a van hire.

3. Get rid of anything you no longer require, there is little point in cluttering up your new environment with junk. Think about having a garage sale or giving unwanted items to relatives and friend. Maybe a trip to the recycling center is in order.

4. Make a good floor plan of where to put things in the new place and pack accordingly. Mark all boxes and packages with their contents and destination so it is easy to place them in the right areas.

5. Use your floor plan to decide where the furniture and fitting will go before you move so you can be sure your furniture will fit in the new place.

6. If you are having movers do the job for you, remember that they will not disconnect anything that is hard wired in, they normally will not touch anything that is flammable, perishables like plants or food items. So you have to make arrangements for those.

7. Running out of soft packaging materials for glasses, crockery and other breakables as well as packing boxes, bags and tape is a normal problem that happens when packing so get plenty in early.

8. Pack a Survival Kit with all your essentials like medication, ID’s, keys and important papers, etc. Include snacks and the making for tea or coffee, toiletries and such then make sure you keep this with you. Think about what time of day you will arrive at the new place, will it be late at night and you will just want to go to sleep do you have a bed and sheets etc ready.

9. Try and give yourself a few days to do the things necessary to make your new place ready to move into before the move day. It is much easier to clean and paint if needed while it’s empty.

10. It makes things flow much easier if you do all the address changing and finalise the service agreements for the gas, power phone, internet and cable long before you move so they finish when you move out and start at the same time in your new place.

By giving yourself time to make a plan of how your move will go and taking care of all the different arrangements that are needed, including making an early booking for your van hire on The Gold Coast your move will go smoothly with as little stress as possible.

Top Ten Tips For Moving House

Moving house can be one of the more stressful things many people do and the longer you have been in one place the more stuff you are likely to have collected.

van hire

The following top ten tips will help make your move easier:

  1. Being Organised

Create a to-do list and place it somewhere you won’t lose it. Write down all the important dates such as rent or mortgage payment dates, when the electric, gas, phone, internet and other bills are due. Do you have car payments or student loan, child support or taxes to pay, bills?

  1. Decide how you will move

Will you use a removal company or hire a rental van?

Get a few quotes and see if you will save anything by doing yourself.

Check out the insurance and van hire charges.

  1. Start the packing

As soon as you have decided to move start packing. This is best done room by room, starting with the small things you do not often use.

If you’re getting movers ask them how long to pack for you and make a firm date. Movers are very experienced and can safely pack a house lot in a few hours.

  1. Boxes and Bags

Get a good range of packing bags and boxes and make sure you label each box or bag with an inventory of what’s inside. Often it is a good idea to have a floor plan of the new home and mark on it where you want each box to go.

  1. The big stuff

Take a bit of time to consider whether your furniture and fittings will fit inside your new home. Make sure you allow time to disassemble flat pack if needed.

  1. Helping Hands

Arrange for people to help you with the move as soon as you have a date. Some people will be only too happy to help, but maybe without notice, they may not be available when you need them.

  1. Label Electrics

It can be very hard to remember where the right wires go in the back of your pc tv or home sound system as well as installing those smoke alarms and security cameras. If doing it yourself use sticky labels or tape and write a code number that corresponds with the appliance so you can plug these wires back in and take photos.

  1. Essential boxes

It is a good policy to have the essentials close by in clearly marked boxes; this includes the kettle, coffee, tea, a bottle opener, your phone charger and a flashlight, matches and a lighter and toilet paper. Maybe a cup plate and knife, spoon and fork for each person.

  1. Update Your address

With the post, and companies you deal with.

  1. Keep all important papers with you

Don’t place papers you need in boxes keep them on you during the move.

Once you have decided to move and have a destination, it is best to be organised and make a list and plan for your move. Then decide how you’ll move, do you need to hire a rental van. Pack nonessentials first leaving those important things like what you will need as soon as you get there readily available.

How to find the best UTE rental company?

Finding a great Ute hire company on the Gold Coast has become so much easier now with great locally owned and family run firms advertising on the internet. We all want to have a hassle free and safe experience when taking out a Ute hire. Finding the right company to hire a Ute from can be stressful, especially when dealing with unknown companies.

To find the best deal that suits your unique conditions and budget, there are a few things that should be considered such as:

  • Overall Convenience
  1. Look for a Ute hire company that provides a hassle free, customer oriented service.
  2. Decide on the time that best suits you and go with a company that has flexible rental plans, if you only need the Ute for a few hours, why pay a full day’s rental
  3. Likewise, if you need it for a long weekend ask about a discount for 3 days hire
  4. Do they provide a pick up and drop off service and what are the charges?
  5. Can you pay by cash, credit card or PayPal?
  • Practicality
  1. Do you need the latest model Ute to move a load of gravel or bricks and what about accidental damage to the tray?
  2. Are new model Utes available for clean or delicate loads?
  3. What are the options for long distance driving comfort and safety?
  4. What sort of insurance is included and what optional extra insurance is available?
  5. Do they provide tray liners, protectors?
  6. Do they provide tarps for covering a load as required by many local bodies?
  7. Does the Ute come with tilt trays for ease of emptying?
  8. Do they have carry racks for extra-long loads?
  9. What are the total maximum load dimensions of the tray?
  10. What is the total load weight allowed?
  11. Are towbars and trailers available?
  12. Do a web search and see which firms are offering Ute hire on The Gold Coast. Read some of the reviews and feedback from their customers to see which firms offer a good service
  • Overall Affordability
  1. What is the hire rate, by the hour, day, week, weekend and longterm?
  2. Do they provide special rates just for short distances or local travel?
  3. Are the rental rates negotiable?
  4. Can you get a total all in one price with no hidden extras?
  5. Are there any cancelation fees in the event of bad weather or unforeseen circumstances?
  6. What sort of fuel economy can you expect?
  7. Can I have more than one driver?
  8. Is there an age limit for the driver?
  9. Where are they located and what would be the best way to pick up and drop off the Ute you hire

When looking for Ute hire services on the Gold Coast the best companies will provide you with the most convenient and flexible terms and condition to suit your purposes and budget. Hiring a Ute should be easy and hassle free whether moving house or clearing the back section so check the net